Kudos to our PAT

Written by Samuel, Brayden

It’s that special time of the year again folks! Books, pens, papers, and notes, these things are common items scattered around the school in our current time as exams are round the corner again. For J1s, promos, and J2s the long awaited destiny determining A levels. It would be reasonable for one to mug during this period, and with that students can be seen in school late into the evening doing just that. Especially in our current times, everyone including our parents all agree, Singaporean education seems to be more cut throat now than ever. Students have to excel in a wider range of topics and having to deal with more diverse questions and apply accordingly and craft more case specific answers. So understandably, sacrifices towards preparation seem to be more worth it, from grinding till the late hours of night to deleting distracting apps to focus better. Fortunately, there is no need to sacrifice your dinners with the help of our very own Exam Food Industry (EFM).

EFM providing meals for all

To those who weren’t listening to the morning announcements, the EFM is a long running annual initiative, lasting weeks at a time, which focuses on providing full and nutritional dinners to all ACJC students cramming their notes on campus grounds. This initiative is compromised by none other than our very own Parent’s Action Team (PAT), consisting of parents of present and past ACJC students. After hearing insights from our friends who stayed back in school to study, and the sharing of their deep appreciation for the provisions. We decided to go ahead and see for itself how the scene was like on site, and to take a step further, see it from the perspective one would not normally look from, a few of our fellow parent volunteers.


Among the parents interviewed was Miake tan, a student who graduated long ago, from the 1986 batch. She was once a member of ACJC’s Christian fellowship and currently has two sons, one of which is currently studying in ACJC. Though this isn’t her first time being involved in helping around, in fact she has been serving as a parent helper since her child’s primary school days! An astounding 12 years of service! Most parents would’ve normally stopped by secondary school; However, her desire to serve pushed her on to continue helping around and she was gladly accepted as a volunteer as early as starting from the welcome tea. And compared to the past, she would agree that the help provided is needed more than ever as the standards have undoubtedly been raised now that the focus is on holistic development. With the increased difficulty in almost everything, she believes and advises that people should truly pursue their passions and interests, as after all, only these will fulfil you in the long run.

Our teacher IC with Miake and Ana

Ana Chew was another member of the PAT we were fortunate enough to interview and she readily supplemented us with what they have gained from such an initiative. She described all about the best benefits from being in the PAT. Something that she felt helped her push on despite the challenges. They are none other than the friendships they have gained along the way. She felt these bonds were truly spectacular. Explaining that their cooperation for the simple cause of providing the children food brought them closer than ever, bound by parental instinct. Through these shared trials and tribulations, their friendship reaches new heights, such that they are even travelling the world together. Parental tips and tricks were amongst the other things passed around the PAT, all to ensure the best of their kids’ futures.

These are among the little things that seem like nothing, but when they look back 20 years down the road, these events will be the memories they will cherish forever.

Food Selection provided by the PAT

Going back to the focus of this all, the food. A regular would know that the preparation of each day’s dinner differs daily. With parents taking turns on the preparation of the meals for an average of a whooping 300 students daily. Such a scale requires the help of multiple parents’ home cooking, or alternatively purchasing some catering. Consequently, this drained the morale and wallets of our parent volunteers. However, to them, it is all worth it when looking at the bigger picture. To them, seeing our students get to push harder for the end of their JC journey and achieving their dreams, are all that’s needed as a motive in their actions. So with all this well meaning support behind you, why not support our PAT in their fundraising events when they come around? However, most importantly, just chiong for the final stretch, they would’ve wanted that anyway.

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